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Best/Worst Small Screen To Big Screen Movies

sixmillionIt seems that Hollywood is never trying to reinvent itself. If it has worked in the past, let’s recycle the idea. Television shows from past decades are being turned into big budget films and some have been a great financial success and some have bombed. Some have been critical success stories and some have bombed with the critics as well as the public.

Quite frankly I am sick of the piss poor remakes of television shows that I have loved or grown to love from watching the reruns. In addition I am tired of waiting for shows that I loved to get the big screen treatment they deserve. It remains doubtful if I will ever get to see these.

The Addams Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, Casper The Friendly Ghost did very well at the box office yet I didn’t like them. I didn’t like The Brady Bunch, Get Smart, Speed Racer, The Honeymooners, Wild Wild West, and most recently, The Land Of The Lost. Nobody that I know who saw the movie had anything nice to say about it. For me, I only laughed once and it was in the first three minutes of the show. If Matt Lauer had not been in the movie it would have been a complete waste of my time.

Maybe Hollywood would make better movies if they were forced to donate to charity the difference between the amount of money a film makes and how much it costs to make. The script never should have been approved and the person who approved it should have lost their job by now.

startrekSome of the movies that I did enjoy were Serenity (from Firefly), The Fugitive, Mission Impossible, Star Trek I-XI, Police Squad (Naked Gun Series), and Transformers. I’m sitting here writing and wondering what are some of the movies that you liked from TV shows? Which are the ones you hated?

Soon to be seen is the A-Team. Really looking forward to the action and banter in this movie. Also Johnny Depp is set to star in Dark Shadows.

In the upcoming years I would like to see a franchise started for The Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman series. I would love to see, even if it is just straight to DVD, a Monk movie. They are sure to end the series with the case of his wife solved but with so much crime…

I would like to see Speed Racer get the treatment it deserves, so another remake should be in the making. Wonder Woman was a great show for a hormone ravaged teenager so I’d like a movie of that show as well. If this truly is the last year for 24 coming up, of course I want it to go to the big screen. Ultraman and Remington Steele dukeswould also make my list. My list could go on a little while longer but I will spare you.

I am interested in what you have to say. Please leave some suggestions. Maybe a Hollywood exec will read my blog and start the wheels in motion.


*November 1, 2009 this morning at 2:00 am Daylight Savings Time ends and you should turn your clocks back on ehour. Yes, you gain an hour of sleep.


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Your Favorite Blog Post From Your Own Blog

Your Favorite Blog Post On Your Blog or Shameless Blog Promotion…

I would love for you to leave a comment telling me from your blog which is your favorite post that you’ve written yourself. You can leave something new, something old or just the one that got the most visits or the most comments.

That is what I want from you. From me, I will give you some of the best or some of my favorite blog posts that I have found. I encourage you to visit the posts that I like and have listed below. After you add your favorite post from your page in the comment section, visit some of the other links that others have posted, assuming anybody has!

blogS O M E   O F   M Y   F A V O R I T E   B L O G   P O S T S

The Humanitarian

A New Jazz Star

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Wicked Weasel Marika
(R rated – nudity from see through bikini)

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I haven’t really been looking at other people’s posts to find my favorites, but these are ones that I had in my bookmarks so it made finding them favorites. More often than not I go to another site to leave comments and hopefully get the blog owner and their readers to click the link to come visit my blog. That is what I want for you. Leave your favorite post and I hope people will see it and in return visit your site. Promote your blog here free and easy. I will continue to try to promote my blog so people in turn will visit yours. Leave your favorite post in the comment section. Thank you very much.

When shamelessly promoting your blog please leave the following information:

1. Your Blog’s Name
2. The Title of Your Post with the URL to the post.
3. Why It’s Your Favorite Post


Your Favorite Blog Post On Your Blog

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30 Reasons Why I Started This Blog

why i started

R E A S O N S   W H Y   I   S T A R T E D   T H I S   B L O G

1. Sometimes my thoughts just spring forth and take on a life of their own.

2. Needed an outlet. Kept laying in bed and thinking about Leigh and my teen ‘sexcapades’ almost every morning.

3. Girlfriend doubted I would and continue with all the other things in my life that keep me busy.

4. Friends said I couldn’t write and I agreed with them.

5. My computer told me to.

6. Didn’t mind being late to the blogging party, so here I am.

7. Wondered why girls keep diaries.

8. To carve my own internet niche.

9. Wanted to share my thoughts with anyone who would listen. There had to be at least one and there has been more than one. Two thousand two hundred unique visitors and sixty five comments so far.

10. To exchange ideas and knowledge with adults of different cultures, on different continents and with the other gender.

11. Because I always wanted to create eye catching headlines for newspapers and magazines.

12. So I can find others who love to talk about NCIS, 24 and Stargate.

13. A little home grown therapy.

14. Impress my girlfriend.

15. Impress myself with my memory and thought process.


16. Make a few ‘friends’.

17. I’m kind of conservative and most everyone else in not. Thought I might stir up a little controversy. Who gonna start a fight with me first?

18. See if I can get a million page views before the world ends in 2012.

19. Thought I might keep an private record of my teenage sexcapades but then decided to share a few and explain the reason for the blogs name too.

20. Needed a valid reason to be addicted to the Internet. (see #5)

21. Wanted to see how many readers I could actually get in one years time. If it was under 100 I would quit.

22. The internet is kind of exhibitionism and voyeurism put together and I could do it through blogging.

23. I can edit and edit and edit and edit my mistakes away.

24. If I have any passions or hobbies I’m not aware of perhaps I will discover them.

25. I’ll never be interviewed by Oprah but I can share myself with the world, here.

26. Connect with far away friends or classmates.

27. So someone will listen to what I have to say.

28. To practice typing.

29. Because I wanted to.

30. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Thirty days after starting this blog those are my reasons. Why do you blog, why are you reading this blog or why are you thinking about blogging yourself? Please share.