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¡¿Say What?!


This post is really directed to two groups, pet owners and parents. Not necessarily in that order.

My sister is constantly bringing her dogs over to our place so I can watch them. She babysits for her friend and her daughter is deathly afraid of animals. All animals. You can’t even have the Discovery channel on if this little girl is over. My sister is kind enough, no caring and compassionate enough to rid her house of her pets so she can do her friend a favor by keeping an eye on her daughter.

The girl’s mother has a dog as a pet. It’s just a poodle however the girl doesn’t like animals at all. What kind of a parent would do that to a child? I’m inconvenienced as is my sister because it seems we care more about this little girl than her parents do. What do you think? Feel free to comment even if you don’t fall into either category. As for me, I can’t believe how little regard this ‘mother’ has for her kid.

¡¿Say What?!…

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