Iron Chef My House

ICALast night we had a competition just like the Japanese sensation, Iron Chef. The Food Network has a show, Iron Chef America and before that William Shatner hosted USA.

A noted chef challenges on of the shows Iron Chefs and the two have sixty minutes to create several courses based around a secret ingredient. While they cook, commentators and a host supply the viewers and guests with information about the food being prepared. When the hour is up, their food is judged by a panel of guest judges and the chairman of the kitchen arena.


April chose the secret ingredient. We had 90 minutes and we each had our own kitchen. There is a second one separate from the house near the pool. We didn’t have to come up with something original. We were allowed to make something we have already cooked or eaten, however we had to use the recipe from memory. April chose chicken as the ingredient. We were each allowed five chickens and had to create at least three separate dishes.

I made four dishes and still I lost. I made strawberry lime sorbet for dessert. My three chicken dishes were roast black bar-b-que chicken, sweet and spicy chicken pieces, and Asian style chicken pot pie. We were judged by a panel of two friends and April’s brother. My opponent was an old college friend who was in town for a couple of weeks. He made three dishes and they were all great tasting. I still liked mine better. He scored 59 points while I scored 55 out of sixty.


For more information, Iron Chef, Iron Chef USA, Iron Chef America.


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  1. #1 by Judy Marie Santiago on October 19, 2009 - 8:01 AM

    I like watching Iron Chef, and I wish I were there to judge the food you made! :) Thanks for viewing my blogsite and I hope you continue to do so! I’ll be your follower from now on. :) Thanks!

    • #2 by morningerection on October 19, 2009 - 8:04 AM

      Judy, I wish you were there too and maybe I would have won. Thank you and I will be sure to visit your site frequently.

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