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30 Reasons Why I Started This Blog

why i started

R E A S O N S   W H Y   I   S T A R T E D   T H I S   B L O G

1. Sometimes my thoughts just spring forth and take on a life of their own.

2. Needed an outlet. Kept laying in bed and thinking about Leigh and my teen ‘sexcapades’ almost every morning.

3. Girlfriend doubted I would and continue with all the other things in my life that keep me busy.

4. Friends said I couldn’t write and I agreed with them.

5. My computer told me to.

6. Didn’t mind being late to the blogging party, so here I am.

7. Wondered why girls keep diaries.

8. To carve my own internet niche.

9. Wanted to share my thoughts with anyone who would listen. There had to be at least one and there has been more than one. Two thousand two hundred unique visitors and sixty five comments so far.

10. To exchange ideas and knowledge with adults of different cultures, on different continents and with the other gender.

11. Because I always wanted to create eye catching headlines for newspapers and magazines.

12. So I can find others who love to talk about NCIS, 24 and Stargate.

13. A little home grown therapy.

14. Impress my girlfriend.

15. Impress myself with my memory and thought process.


16. Make a few ‘friends’.

17. I’m kind of conservative and most everyone else in not. Thought I might stir up a little controversy. Who gonna start a fight with me first?

18. See if I can get a million page views before the world ends in 2012.

19. Thought I might keep an private record of my teenage sexcapades but then decided to share a few and explain the reason for the blogs name too.

20. Needed a valid reason to be addicted to the Internet. (see #5)

21. Wanted to see how many readers I could actually get in one years time. If it was under 100 I would quit.

22. The internet is kind of exhibitionism and voyeurism put together and I could do it through blogging.

23. I can edit and edit and edit and edit my mistakes away.

24. If I have any passions or hobbies I’m not aware of perhaps I will discover them.

25. I’ll never be interviewed by Oprah but I can share myself with the world, here.

26. Connect with far away friends or classmates.

27. So someone will listen to what I have to say.

28. To practice typing.

29. Because I wanted to.

30. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Thirty days after starting this blog those are my reasons. Why do you blog, why are you reading this blog or why are you thinking about blogging yourself? Please share.