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Moving To Indiana



If you read my About page you know I live in Washington and have for all of my life. Well. April received a job offer in August for a company in Indianapolis and she flat out turned it down. They have since approached her again and this time she was willing to consider the idea. She’s lived in Chicago for a while and in San Diego and wasn’t too anxious to move again. She does have friends in Chicago and we both have friends in Indy, so…

We have both been traveling lately and have been visiting Indiana on and off for a month now (click here for more info). She has decided to take the job and I’m moving with her. I also decided to ask April for her hand in marriage. She responded in the affirmative! No date set yet. For my family the news is bittersweet. On the one hand they are gaining a daughter and on the other hand, no sooner than we are married we are moving away. I’ll miss my family but now we can start our own!

For our entire relationship we have been celibate. You can now see why I’m so eager to get married! I love her enough to have waited for her, but now I can’t wait to share the same house, the same bed!

Indiana, here we come. It just occurred to me that I will finally be in a state with a decent football team. Go Colts!

Big life changes. Marriage and moving. All will be revealed at a later date. I have enough scheduled posts to hopefully keep you reading and visiting. I will be traveling back and forth for the next two months. She starts her job in January and we want to get married before then. Stay tuned for more. All will be revealed at a later date…


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