First ‘V’ And Now Charlie’s Angels

charliesangelsABC Network is at it again. They are in talks with Drew Barrymore and several of the producers of the 1970’s detective show, Charlie’s Angels. I for one love the show and the movies, or at least the first movie.

I liked the first week of the remake of V, however just like FlashForward, I got bored with the second week. Maybe it is because I like Science Fiction but I really wanted these shows to work. I’m going to continue watching V and hope for it to get better. Stargate Universe has begun to get better and I’m even beginning to connect with more than just the Eli character. Maybe the creators of the show have heard the out pouring from the fans of the Stargate universe.

As for Charlie’s Angels, if the show gets off the ground I would definitely still use John Forsythe’s voice for Charlie but I think I would make Bosley a woman. Coincidentally, since Jaclyn Smith made a guest appearance in the second movie, perhaps she should play Bosley. It wouldn’t be a big part for her, but I would look forward to seeing her each and every week. She is still just as beautiful today as she was 30 years ago. It’s amazing.

One more piece of advice for ABC. If you are going to use Drew Barrymore and perhaps Lucy Lui; please replace Cameron Diaz with someone else. It’s a personal thing. I just don’t like her. Using a plot from the 70’s version, let Ellen Page or someone play her younger sister. Come to think of it leave Lucy Lui out of the show as well. We have a Black president, perhaps it’s time for a Black angel. Being a huge fan of Star Trek, I would like to see Zoe Saldena in the role.

Anyone else interested in a remake of Charlie’s Angels?


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  1. #1 by Sasha on November 29, 2009 - 4:38 PM

    I’d like to see Summer Glau, Grace Park, and…. hm, I’m not sure who else, but
    yeah, Zoë Saldena rocked in “Star Trek,” so good choice. I agree that Cameron Diaz can be pretty annoying; I think she’s much better in dramatic stuff, like “Vanilla Sky.” Definitely keep John Forsythe. With “V,” I thought it picked up some after the second episode. To me, that “Lost” actress is annoying, but Marena Baccarin is great.

    • #2 by Tom Baker on November 29, 2009 - 7:20 PM

      I know Grace was great in Battlestar and I’ve always liked Summer, but not the two together. I don’t want Angels in Space. I really liked Grace ever since I saw her in a Stargate episode. Maybe Angels in Space wouldn’t be so bad afterall. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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