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61 Great Blog Post Ideas: Several Months Later

computerbloggingWell I gave you the ideas. Sixty one of them to be precise, although I did repeat one twice on purpose.

I just wanted to check up to see what if anything you’ve done with my ideas. Has anybody used any of the sixty ideas I listed to make a post of their own? I know not all of them were good ideas and I’m sure when stuck you were able to come up with ideas of your own…

However, is there anybody out there in the blogoshpere who used any? If you were stuck for ideas, what idea did you come up with on your own? Inquiring mind wants to know!

Our Guest blogger for March is Nathan Pralle from PhilosYphia. Saturday March 6, 2010 is when you can read Nathan’s post. Stop by his site to get a feel for the kind of reading you can look forward to next Saturday.


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The Bigloo: Record Breaking Igloo

About 25 individuals worked to make the world’s largest domed igloo in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records. Paul Steckert and 25 of his friends had built ‘The Bigloo’- laid out like the traditional Inuit shelter- measuring 27 feet, 4 inches (8.3 metres) wide and 17 feet , 6 inches (5.3 metres) high, according to a qualified surveyor – setting the new world record for the largest Igloo.  Currently the record is held by some folks in Canada with an inner diameter of 25 ft 9 in.

Until the Guinness judges can determine whether or not the Bigloo breaks the current record the exact location of the Bigloo is being kept from the general public for obvious reasons.The Bigloo 2010 is being constructed near Green Bay, Wisconsin in the USA.

Guest blogging time is fast approaching once again. Our Guest blogger for March is Nathan Pralle from PhilosYphia. Nathan freely admits on his site to having concentration issues but assures his readers his guest post will be ready on March 6th. I’m not privy to the content yet however I know it will be something you will want to read and respond to.


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Think Twice Before Adding A Warner Bros. New Release To Your Netflix Queue!

I am a huge fan of the comic book hero. When VCR’s first came out my sister was able to get the Superfriends on video. I watched the Justice League on Cartoon Network and I look forward to the video releases of movies like Superman/Batman Public Enemies, Green Lantern: First Flight and Wonder Woman movies. Yet another superhero cartoon movie has been released on February 23, 2010 (Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths). The problem is it won’t be released until 30 days later through Netflix because of a deal Netflix made with Warner Bros.

This effects every Warner Bros. new release, not just for the kid in me, DC Comics movies. The Informant and The Box also were released on 2-23-2010 but won’t be available through Netflix until 3-23-2010. Not a big deal if you watch movies like you are supposed to, but for me with a love of all movies, it means I have to now schlep myself down to Blockbuster and reopen my old account so I can see the Warner Bros. new releases on time or start buying movies.

There are more important issues in the world, he said as he grabbed his coat heading to Blockbuster. Superman, here I come!

Reference Material: Business Week


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