Help Wanted – Kissers Needed

K I S S E R S    W A N T E D:

Kissers Wanted. No experience necessary. Opportunities open to females only. Training proves many fringe benefits. Information from me, Tom, a registered philematologist.

Due to the comments and many emails from the Kissing Is Better Than Sex and The Tongues I Have Known And Loved posts I decided to do another post about kissing. I consider myself an expert on the subject and will try to articulate the nuances of great kissing.

Being a good kisser is a matter of patience and practice unless you just take to it the way birds do to flying. Is giving lessons really permitted? In this day and age is it safe? Can you really instruct someone in the culinary art of kissing without actually pressing lips and tongues together?

Teenage life of just kissing and petting was fantastic. Not everyone was interested in having sex and some people really did want to wait. Back fifteen years when I was growing up there were even teenage virgins. Shocking I know.

If we can recall those wonderful kissing sessions we used to have, without the mental clutter of the conquest we can take the first step to being great at the art of kissing. And making kissing a priority in our relationships. The good morning kiss and the ever popular goodbye kiss. Just as the painter needs his easel and canvas before he can start painting, the kisser needs their tools too – a mind free teenage clutter; of hoping to get into someone’s underwear and just concentrating on the here and now, as well as a clean mouth.

What I mean when I say teenage clutter is the garbage that kissing is the first stop on getting a home run or having sex. Kissing doesn’t have to be first base. Kissing doesn’t have to lead to something else or something better. Males and females alike have this mentality. Kissing is great all by itself.

What right do I have giving advice on kissing? Kissing is just like any other activity. Practice, practice and more practice will make you good at it. And admittedly, I have had enough practice to be qualified on the subject. A beautiful woman or a handsome guy that might like you is no insurance that that person is a good kisser and you might need to teach them yourself. On the other hand, if you are a good kisser, you might unknowingly, make the other person think they are a good kisser too because he/she is enjoying the kiss. In reality the complete opposite might be true.

A great teacher can teach without making their student know that they are doing something wrong.


Tips On Being A Great Kisser

1. First, come over to my house for personal instruction. Proceed to step 2-  if unable to follow with step one. (April just punched me).

2. Try to always have clean breath. Flossing and brushing the teeth and tongue go a long way to keeping your breath clean all day long.

3. Be subtle but honest when approaching a bad kisser. Make them feel bad or too self conscious and they may shy away or feel that they are such a bad kisser that there might not be any help for them.

4. Keep your kissee guessing. Repeating the same motion without any variation makes your partner feel like they are kissing a robot. Use your tongue in creative ways.

5. Break up the tongue kissing with playful lip tugging or light biting of the upper or bottom lip.

6. Hold their face in your hands and kiss the forehead, the temples, cheeks, nose and prceed to the neck. Both men and women find that their neck is an erogenous area. A nibble on the ear lobe can be sensual as well.

7. Some people like to have their kisser’s tongue in their ears. Some don’t. You should ask before diving in and you should make sure they keep their ears free of wax. It doesn’t taste very good and when you return to the mouth they will be able to taste it too. (I’ve heard some people don’t mind the taste).

8. Touching and rubbing while kissing is essential. Leave the genitals and breasts alone. This is not about sex!

9. Concentrate on how you feel about the person you are kissing. Kissing can be so very personal and with your mind on her and her mind on you, the sky is the limit.

10. Try new things with the understanding that he/she will tell you if they like it or not and when and if to stop. For an example, I once kisses a girl who was so rough that she would suck on my tongue so hard that I thought the skin that keeps your tongue attached to the bottom of my mouth was going to tear. At one point more of my tongue was in her mouth than in mine. My tongue was sore for three days!

11. Kisses should never be too wet. Remember kissing should be enjoyable and not a survival lesson in drowning. Kissing produces a lot of saliva and you need to swallow frequently. I have found that lots of people don’t. I have over the years found a way to swallow my saliva and remove their saliva from their mouth as well without their knowledge.

12. Breathing can get very heavy because kissing is very erotic and you will find yourself extremely turned on. If you are worried that your hot breath from your nose might be bothering your partner, ask. I myself, find that feeling her breath, and listening to her breath, gets me even more excited.

13. Kissing is sufficient all by itself, however, kissing can also be the only foreplay needed before sex. A great kissing session will/can get your female partner significantly lubricated and ready for intercourse. I submit to you that as a man, if you can stand it, leave her wanting more and resist the temptation to have sex with your lady. She will look forward to your next kissing session with bated breath.

14. Go for it!!!!

Whether you are new to kissing or if you are a couple that has been married for years, you will find following these tips can add spice to your romantic life and you need not think kissing will lead to sex. Kissing alone is sexy enough!


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  1. #1 by Ernest on August 12, 2014 - 9:43 AM

    Es perfecto tiempo para hacer algunos planes para largo plazo
    y es hora de ser feliz . que he leído conoce publicar y si yo puedo simplemente I
    querer sugiera que algunas fascinantes – que asen la atención las
    cosas o temas consultoría . Tal vez te podría siguiente artículos
    relativos a con respecto a este artículo. I desear aprender más temas aproximadamente él!

  2. #2 by ambrosiapeyton on May 30, 2012 - 5:54 AM

    I would have punched you too. This is wonderful how much you love kissing. It is inspirational.

    • #3 by Tom Baker on May 30, 2012 - 7:32 AM

      Kissing is almost spiritual to me.

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