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Tony DiNozzo Stays With NCIS

Micheal Weatherly has finally signed his new contract with CBS and will be returning to NCIS for several years. I first read that Michael was the last one to get a contract continuing his role on the popular CBS drama, however I have since learned that Sean Murray, who plays McGee is the sole cast member still in negotiations.

Now that 24 is finished and there will be no more mayhem for Jack Bauer, NCIS is the only show that I is must see TV for me. I’m a huge fan of Eureka, however from the looks of the commercials for this season, I don’t think I will like the changes. Actually it looks stupid.

I am relieved that Tony is sticking around for the next few seasons and I hope the show lasts that long as well. Perhaps I should spend less time watching TV and more time lovin’ my wife!


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What I Want From British Petroleum

I’ve been away for far too long and this has been on my mind forever. I am so pissed off at BP that words cannot begin to express it. I watched the 60 Minutes interview with one of the survivors from the BP oil rig. He stated BP knew in advance that the drilling was dangerous and unsafe.

I wasn’t able to see all of President Obama’s speech last night but I know he wants BP to set up some type of fund to help with clean up and the local economy. With that being said let me tell you what I want from British Petroleum.

I recall that Exxon was fined 500,000,000 dollars. I think BP’s fine should far outweigh Exxon’s fine and they should be forced to pay it. BP’s fine should include weekly paychecks for any and everyone who’s livelihood depends upon working in the Gulf of Mexico. This includes fishermen, restaurants employees, oil rig workers and more. BP should have to clean every inch of every mile of beach and also every drop of water in the gulf touched by the leaking oil.

Any resources our government has already used should be reimbursed. You know, I could go on listing all that I want, but basically what I want is the gulf returned to normal. I want people’s financial lives put back in order from Texas to Florida. I want half of BP’s profits for the next ten years to go into a fund to help the United States get out solar and wind power initiative off the drawing boards and into action.

I want this to never happen again. That is all.

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Thank You Kari Cheng

(I took this photo from Miss Busy Bee without permission)

Well I’ve been out of circulation for what seems like forever to me and many of you have complained and gently voiced your concern. I wish to thank Kari Cheng (above), for taking time from Miss Busy Bee to give my readers, my friends and me the opportunity to once again read a new post from Morning Erection. I am extremely grateful for the time and effort you put into Saturday’s post and I see some people have tried a few of your recipes (me included) already. I love salmon.

I hope Kari doesn’t mind me saying that she thought her scheduled posting was in May and sent me an email wondering what to post. If I had checked my email earlier I would have been able to let her post in May. My fault. Even so, it was well worth waiting another month and once again, thanks. Love you and love your site. Say hello to Chris.

I also need to apologize to you Kari for not being able to promote your guest post. I usually like to spend a week before the actual guest post letting people know there will be a guest post. I want people to know so the time spent writing and preparing the post isn’t in vain. I promise when I start posting again (soon), I will do my best to drive traffic to this post.

The two guest bloggers for April and May did not post but I hope to get them to reschedule later this year. Kari, if you feel you would like to guest again, you are more than welcome. Drop by Miss Busy Bee and check out her site if you haven’t yet.

I like to let you know who will be posting next month however, I really need to reaffirm everyone’s continued commitment before I do that. Enjoy the week and thanks for coming back to Morning Erection.

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