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Honorable Mention

A-Z Blog Tips

This site is run by Tran Tinh. Tinh gives bloggers who want to make money with their blog excellent ideas and proven techniques to assist them in getting started. His site also gives businesses ways to help boost sales with their existing marketing plans.

One thing I have noticed about A-Z Blogging Tips that sets it apart from other sites in kind is that all the information that is given has already been tested by Tinh. All of the information provided is from personal experience whether it worked for him or it did not. As he states, “They are not theoretical but practical and you can apply right away after reading each article.”

On A-Z Blog Tips you can learn the many different affiliate programs as well as how you can get more visitors to your blog and increase your pagerank on the many search engines.

You can also learn to increase readership using Twitter and other social networks. His recent posts deal with how his site is performing with affiliate programs, how using Technorati can boost your authority with them and he keeps you up to date on new blogging templates and themes.

Unfortunately, using the free does not allow you to make money with your blog, however if you are considering using or starting a new blog to make money with, this is a great resource to utilize.

In addition to this being a great resource for new bloggers, I’m hoping in the near future to ask Tinh to do a guest post for Morning Erection.



Tastespotting is a community driven collection of eye-catching images that link to a delicious recipe on the other side. This blog allows users to submit an image and a recipe that will be added to the community database. It is a visually stunning smorgasbord with some of the better recipes that April and I have made. I don’t advise you visiting this site when hungry. It would be a huge mistake.

Jennifer Bartoli runs the site and is one of it’s editor. I’m not sure how many other editors there are but before your photo and recipe appear on TasteSpotting, it is verified by a human being.

The idea for the site is that we all eat with our eyes first. If you run a food blog or just like to cook, this is a great resource. If you do run a food blog, submit some of your photos and recipes and then when published on TrainSpotting, come back and let us know your link.

“Everyone brings something to the party here: the user community submits images/links from around the web and the editorial team reviews the submissions. What finally gets served up on the site is a beautifully refined set of the community’s contributions.”



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