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Smallville Fans: Teri Hatcher To Play Lois Lane’s Mother

By now you might be tired of the same posts about television shows, the fall season and what not. Sorry for the same old song, but this is big for me. I used to watch ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman religiously. I’m a huge fan of Superman anyway and to see him back on TV in the 90’s made my week the same way 24 did for eight seasons in this millennium.

It’s just been revealed that the star of Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher, will play Lois Lane’s mother in the final season of Smallville. Teri played Lois Lane in the series Lois & Clark against Dean Cain‘s Clark Kent/Superman persona.

I think she has a great deal of respect for the show and that’s why she accepted the role on Smallville. Kudos to Teri!

Undercovers premiered on NBC last night and I really enjoyed the episode. It landed NBC in second place for the time slot. I must say the chemistry between Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw is sizzling. Maybe I can get along without Jack Bauer if these two spies stick around.

Staying with NBC. I finally found out what The Event was! The Event was a waste of an hour of my life. The last two minutes were memorable and enough to get me to watch next week, but the other fifty eight minutes were flashback after flashback. I was nauseous after ten minutes. Enough posts about TV, that is until tomorrow!

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