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Let Me In: Not A Movie Review

We all know that a vampire has to be invited into your home, according to legend. Thus, the name of the movie. Let Me In is a remake of one of my favorite vampire movies, Let The Right One In. Originally I did not want to see this, but I may have changed my mind. I can’t begin to review a movie I haven’t seen, however I can tell you one thing — Hollywood remakes of classic foreign horror movies usually fall flat. Hollywood’s ‘interpretation’ of The Eye, The Grudge, Rec, and even The Ring pale in comparison to their originals. They just weren’t worth my time.

Let The Right One In should be seen first if you intend to see Let Me In. That’s just my advice though. Let The Right One In is a stylish, fresh, and very creepy vampire flick. It is about a 12 year old female vampire (twelve at the time she was turned). She befriends another 12 year old, boy who is the victim of bullying. She helps him with his problems and they form a strange relationship.

I’m still not sure I will see Let Me In in the theater. Some movies are better under a blanket with homemade popcorn and my wife. You can’t beat that! You can rent Let The Right One In (2008) at Netflix and Blockbuster. If you see or have seen either one, I would be interested in what you thought.

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Lina Leandersson, from Let The Right One In)

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