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Poetic License – November 2010

Poetic License is that part of Morning Erection that allows me to showcase some of the great poets that I found in my travels throughout the Internet. I have found that by posting works by other bloggers often brings more traffic to their site and that is a good thing. If you missed the first Poetic License, please check it out.

Each month I will share seven poems with you from other bloggers, mostly from the WordPress community and one from myself. If you like poetry, I hope you come back each month for more! Beginning in January Poetic License will be featured on the first day of each month.

This month’s Poetic License features the normal seven poets but this month two of the poets are sisters, Karina and Isamar.

Stained Glass
by David Jones

On my window
Stained glass
The light of day
Like frosted
Reaching out
From my past
Seeking to touch
My psyche
One last time

Basic Decency
by Sina Saberi

We don’t have to talk with words
Our actions speak in many colors

Our manner shows what our inner holds
And speaks so loud though we keep it hither

We show our inner, out in the open
Our outer lies though, at times, it’s okay

We speak of lies, of blue and purple
Our heart but glows with golden orange

I lie not now, I have never ever !
To me at times; to you but never

I utter none, though I do quite often
So close you ears, keep your eyes wide open

I play my part, I spill my heart
I do it every single minute

Just open up and read my message
Rip your soul and feel me damaged

I’m here today and I’ve become
What my thoughts are; what my actions are

See what I do and that’s who I am
That’s who I am; so, nice to meet you!

My Last Day
by Kimberly LaRocca

I would wake up a little late
Open my eyes
Gazing upon your face
Make love to you
Without saying a word
Not worry about
What could be heard

I would call in sick
Enjoy the day
Take a walk on the beach
Or by the bay
Hold your hand
Our fingers intertwined
Me in your heart

You on my mind
I would make a meal
For you and I
Feed you by hand
Sitting by your side
Wash your feet
Late that night

Silently gazing
In your eyes
I would promise you
My love always
And that id never leave
Forever stay
We’d live this way eternally, id say

That’s how I would spend
My last day

You Should Have Said No…
by Karina Sparks

You should have said no
You should have stayed by my side
you shouldn’t have been blinded by fake love
you shouldn’t have stayed and not walk into her arms
do you not see the tears run down my cheeks?

Do you not see my love for you?

Do you not see the mistake you are making?
You walk away with my heart in your hands
it breaks into pieces with each step you take towards her…
as you walk into her open arms my heart finally dissolves into dust
but in the end is she worth it?

Listen Dear Heart
by SaFire Mirza

Someone should tell the heart to give up
The battle ended before it even begun
Lines have already been drawn
White flags hung out to dry

Someone should tell the heart
Destiny cannot be averted
You tried switching the scroll
Piercing the lines of your hands

But here you are
standing in the same place
saying the same words
feeling the same pain
Smiling the same smile
wiping the same bitter sweet tears
dreaming the same elusive dreams

You will walk on the same path
jump over the same old fence
Breathe in the familiar
scent of grass wet with dew
smile wistfully at the orange glow
crunch the same autumn under your shoes
wrap the same scarf
entwine the same gloved fists
Dream the same elusive dream


and fear

being left alone..

catch the breath in your dry throat
hear the heart gallop miles per second

Someone should tell the heart
to not make itself bleed
to not try to
foolishly avoid the inevitable
to not run away
you will look back..

Someone should tell the heart
where the souls are connected
letting go
would render you incomplete
living alone is not an option
and if it is made a choice
you will be one of those ghosts
who did not listen to their

by Isamar Sparks

Here we are, under the rain with tears running down my face
with pain growing on my chest
as my hands hold my heart silently falling apart
holding back not to regret I won’t forget the endless nights
here we are with a gaze of no love a gaze we could no longer hide
hold me for the last time let me hear your heart
here and now as the cold wind blows my hair it whispers hope
tears born on those eyes who saw my soul
here we slowly turn away leaving a memory behind as we softly say goodbye.

by Rockhead

Like you counted
The hairs upon my head
You caught
Every single tear I shed
Like you separated
My transgressions from me
You spread your arms wide
And sacrificed yourself for me
You rose upon my life
Like the sun
With healing on your wings
You sent your rain down
Love poured down
From your eyes to mine
Enraptured and captured
I bask in all of You

by Tom Baker

Alone, abandoned in the rain
Resting on this cold park bench
The wind whips by without a word
Picks me up and carries me away
Time creeps by as I grow older
My flesh withers and my skin wrinkles

Sol plays less and less with me now
I miss its warmth and comforting touch
I miss my family and friends scattered all over
The times I remember spent just hangin’ around
Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get back up
Such is the life of a leaf at this time of year…

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

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