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Firefox Add-Ons Series: Appearance


Add-ons are installable enhancements to the Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Add-ons enable users to add to or augment application features, use themes, and handle new types of content.

Add-ons allow users the ability to customize the look and feel of their Internet experience. There are thousands of add-ons to choose from in 14 categories not including themes or personas.

Add-ons also add functionality to the browser. Creators of the add-ons sometimes create features they think should have been included in the original design of the browser. Some features make browsing more aesthetically pleasing by allowing you to change the look and feel of the browser. Some add functionality to other online applications.

As we take a look at Firefox Add-ons this week you will get a feel for some of the add-ons I use and some that come highly recommended. Today I will cover how Firefox Add-ons can change the look of your browser with Themes and Appearances. Tuesday will cover Web Browsing And Blogging, and the rest of the week will highlight Privacy & Security, Social & Communication and finally on Friday, Photos, Music & Videos. I use Firefox on my PC and I think it is the best browser money doesn’t have to buy. I hope to be able to show you some things (Mozilla users and those who should be), about Firefox that you may not already know.


AniWeather animates weather information for locations around the world. Here are some highlighted features it provides:

1. Weather information in appealing animations (view a live demo at
2. Real time condition update + 5-day forecast
3. Check the weather of over 77,000 locations worldwide
4. Switch locations in one click
5. (US only) A rich set of graphic reports (radar, satellite, alerts, etc.)
6. Link to more detailed views seamlessly
7. Fully customizable to fit your preference (temperature unit, location list, and much more)

More information at


Over 30,000 different designs to personalize your browser! Just move the mouse over a design to try it on.

More information at


Fission combines address bar and progress bar (Safari style). This makes the progress bar more visible and allows for a nice visual effect.

More information at


More information at

Great themes to choose from: Small Ring, ACE Foxdie, Yogurttree (for kids), GrApple Crisp (for Mac), Indianapolis Colts, NASA Night Launch


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