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Thank You Iris Orpi

Iris, I am very honored that you were willing to guest for the entire month. If I’m ever in a bind, maybe I could count on you for that in the future. I think you know already that I loved your story. I don’t visit your site(s) as often as I would like to but you know that your words leap from the computer and touch my soul whenever I do. I am sorry that your guest post fell on a holiday and perhaps the number of people who normally would visit, did not. Forgive me for that.

Thank you very much for guest blogging this month and for letting me feature one of your poems tomorrow in Poetic License. I hope you continue writing and being an inspiration to others. I know others enjoyed your post as much as I did. Thank you again.

My guest blogger in February is Lusy Sunsetgirl. She is a wonderful person and a great photographer. Come by again, first Saturday of February for her post.

Iris Orpi

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