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The New Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine

There are thirty two poems in the new Tri-Annual Poetic License magazine. The poems inside were featured on Morning Erection during the months of September, October, November and December of 2010. I posted the link on the January Poetic License but there hasn’t been that many clicks on the link. Putting it at the bottom of the post was probably not the best place to put it.

The magazine can be shared, embedded into your Facebook, MySpace, or Okrut account or your self hosted WordPress blog. I’m not interested in getting a lot of comments but I did want to make all the poets who contributed aware their poems were featured again.

In case you are interested in seeing your poem in this format, click the above graphic image. The magazine for January through April of this year will be posted in May. Thank you once again to the blogger/poets who allowed me to use your poems. Additionally, if you have been featured in Poetic License before, you can still be featured again. Just email me with the poem you want showcased and I will add it to the next available month.

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