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The Art Of Greg Martin – Planetary Gallery

Oh my goodness! He’s at it again. I suppose he can’t think of anything to write so he just posts some more photos!

If that is what you are thinking, this time you would be correct. I was searching my mind for a new idea for a post that didn’t require much time and commitment and came across my Greg Martin folder on my hard drive. April and I were still in California at the time I was supposed to publish this post even though I created this post on November 22, 2010 I was very busy at that time last year.

People are still asking about how my time was when I went to church during Christmas so I will let you know how my time in California was in a post soon!

I apologize for the wording of this post if you read it earlier when it made more since if I had posted it in December like I had intended. Thanks for bearing with me and again I should have reread this before it went live this morning.

Find more of Greg Martin’s art at his website!

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