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April Is National Poetry Month, Add Yours

National Poetry Month is next month. Aside from Poetic License I invite you to submit your favorite poems to be featured in April. The poem can either be by your favorite author or one you have penned yourself.

Submit your choice along with the author information to my email. If you don’t have the author information I can’t use your poem. Please, only your work or full information on the poem by a published author will be accepted. Thank you and come back and enjoy the posts starting on April first.

It’s time for another guest post and Ava Aston is next month’s guest. Ava’s blog is Recording Artist Ava Aston’s Blog. Ava is guest posting for me because for a variety of reasons but mostly because of her offbeat sense of humor. You will see it often in her posts on her own blog. She has commented here many times but in case you have yet to visit her blog, I invite you to do so now — oh, and come back Saturday, March 5th to read her post!

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