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For The Ladies: By Request, The Male (PG-13)

It’s been a long time coming ladies, I know. Comments left on the photography and the wallpaper posts stated the posting of some of the images was biased to accommodate the male readers of Morning Erection. I am apologizing.

Because you requested it, here are the men that you have been asking for. The images posted today are tame in comparison to the images that  will be posted tomorrow. If images of fully naked men (some with flaccid and some with erect penises) offends you please do not visit here tomorrow. To reiterate, tomorrow’s post will have explicit nudity of male genitalia. including full erect males. If this will offend you or you are not above the age of 18, please check the archives and visit a few different posts tomorrow – or just do not visit here tomorrow. For today, and especially for the women who requested these two posts, I say, enjoy ladies!

Tomorrow’s NC-17 rated page is what a lot of female visitors have been requested. That is not an exaggeration either. I have been invited by a visitor to Morning Erection, to post the images on her blog instead of mine. Tomorrow’s post will include the link for the page and images that have now been posted on their site. This should not cause any inconvenience ladies…

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