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Guest Blogger, Rosemary Jean-Louis

Introducing Rosemary Jean-Louis from Digital Media Geek

Please welcome Rosemary Jean-Louis, to Morning Erection. Rosemary Jean-Louis is another one of my guest bloggers who was more than willing to do so. Rosemary considers herself to be a geek, a sexy geek no less. Her site, The Sexy Geek Files is officially being retired today and her new blog, Digital Media Geek is being launched. I would suggest visiting her sexy files in addition to her new blog! As always, it is a great honor for me to be able to have a guest blogger. As a favor to me please show Rosemary the courtesy of leaving a comment and do yourself a favor and visit her newest site. Thank you very much.

By the time you read this post, I will have seen Thor in 3D Imax. I’m hoping its quality won’t cause me to hurl a hammer in disappointment. (Read my review in Digital Media Geek on Sunday May 8. If you’ve seen the movie tell me what you thought!)

Truth be told, I was straddling the fence about seeing it. I was getting tired of the glut of comic book films on the big screen because they could be hits or misses. (Iron Man 1 HIT!! Iron Man 2 – uh not so much.)

But then I saw the Thor trailer. And I my appetite was sufficiently whetted. Anthony Hopkins cheesy Odin eye patch aside, it was pretty incredible!

That’s the power of a movie trailer. Like a good striptease, it’s supposed to leave you wanting more. Based on their sizzling trailers, here are four comic book movies that are worth high tailing to the movie theater for stat!

1.) Green Lantern – I like Ryan Reynolds. But he seemed a bit of a stretch to play the slightly cocky all American blond haired Hal Jordan. But once you see the breathtaking sequences of planet Oa and the Lantern Corps cheering, you’ll suspend your belief pretty fast. This is also in 3-D. Triple the Brightest Day and Blackest Night. Watch the trailer.

2.) Cowboys and Aliens – Based on the graphic novel, the title is a no brainer and the trailer in many ways gives it all away. Amnesiac cowboy played by Daniel Craig stumbles into town. Everyone including Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde wants to string him up – that is until he starts shooting those mysterious alien baddies that come out at night with an equally mysterious laser wristband that comes alive when they fly around. Craig leads the forces, Olivia gets naked; Olivia and Craig make out. Yada Yada. Yada. Just to see that wrist band take aliens out alone is worth moseying over to the theaters for. Plus you know, it’s Daniel Craig.

3.) Captain America – When it was announced that Chris Evans would throw Captain America’s mighty shield, I immediately thought to skip this one. He was the Human Torch of course. Why throw him yet another comic book role? What will they do when that Avengers Fantastic Four Team Up movie idea that’s in my head gets funded? (Hey it could happen!)

I became somewhat of a believer after seeing the trailer. Evans goes from scrawny to hunky in a few short scenes thanks to the power of CGI. If they could do that with his body, it’s worth seeing the other feats of fantasy conducted on the other characters – like the marvelous Hugo Weaving who plays the Red Skull. Watch the trailer.

4.) X-Men: The New Class – This is the movie with the wimpiest trailer. But it was an obligatory add because the X-Men are so iconic. Just for the record, the X-Men franchise died a painful death a few years back when they tackled the dark Phoenix saga and failed miserably. (They couldn’t get any of the characters right!) And we won’t mention the first Wolverine spin-off movie. Considering the subject matter, the trailer is lightweight on the FX and action. It’s the chemistry between James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender that makes this worth a peek. Watch the trailer.

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