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Thank You Rosemary Jean-Louis

It was an honor to have you guest blog for me Rosemary. I understand with the launch of your new blog and with the busy-ness of life in general, it was a sacrifice to put together this post. I appreciate the sacrifice and so very glad that you guested for me. If Stephen Colbert can make up words so can I or is guested a real word? I have not visited your new site yet but rest assured, I will.


I am hoping that my subscribers realize that I am back to blogging regularly and that they will read and comment on your guest post. Thank you again.

Next month please come by for Saber Hodson will be guesting for me. She runs What’s Up With That?!? Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all who fit the holiday meaning! That means sisters and brothers, grandparents and father’s. Anyone who fills the role of mother in someone’s life and deserves the honor, Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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