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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 05

Day 05 — The person (outside of my family) who has had the greatest influence on my life is…

Prince. I am a lover of music and while growing up my sister and I were huge Prince fans. I listened to his sexually explicit lyrics in songs like Darling Nikki, Dance Music Sex Romance, and Head and they made a big impression on my child and adolescent life. I believe he’s a big reason I was the way I turned out as a teenager. His music along with a few other things shaped the course of my adolescent life. Of course I don’t blame Prince for the thoughts I had or the actions I took but him and his music planted a seed that my hormones and imagination watered.

He surrounded himself with beautiful and sexy women but he seemed to objectify them as well. If it weren’t for my parents instilling in me the best a man should be, I might have still become the selfish person I was as a teen.

I can’t and won’t fully put the blame on Prince because there were many influences in my teenage years but I think I became both the exhibitionist and voyeur because of his music and especially some of his lyrics. I am a much different person today but still some remnants remain. I’m just being honest here…

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