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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 07

The worst thing that could happen to me is…

I imagine sometimes when my wife and I have little Bakers running around the house. I think about being a father all the time and how wonderful I think she would be as a mom. I think the worst thing that could happen to a parent is to have to bury a child. Parents are not meant to survive their kids. Children are meant to bury their parents.

I see on the news or have read about, have seen on countless television shows or movies when parents lose a child to gun violence, suicide, or medical conditions. It tears my heart to hear it so I think the worst thing that could happen is to me (even though I am not yet a father) is to have a child die.

Originally my answer was different and I suppose I could give two answers to this question. I’ve noticed that as the days go by others taking part in Blogging Honesty are taking liberties, so…

In retrospect, I think this might be the absolute worst thing that could happen to me… What if I lived my life the way I wanted to and have been doing and then died and found out that what Jesus and the Bible said was true.  Having to spend all eternity in Hell is definitely the WORST thing that could happen to me. Somehow I don’t think waiting until death is the right time to find out.

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