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31 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 08

Day 08 — I wish I had never…

I guess you could say I wish I had never done a lot of things during my lifetime but when it comes right down to it, I wish I had never done the things I did when I was younger. The sneaking around and spying on my sister’s friends whenever she would have a sleepover. Like any teen or pre-teen the hormones were racing around my body like NASCAR around the track.

Being the kind of kid who wanted to be like James Bond combined with the opportunity of seeing my sister’s friends getting dressed and undressed was too much for me to not act upon. While it was wildly exciting and very tempting, I know now that it was wrong and I really should not have taken things as far as I did on different occasions e.g., taking photos, and for that reason, I wish I had never done those things.

There wasn’t any type of spy gear this sophisticated around when I was younger and frankly I am glad. It was a combination of my determination, the architecture of our house, heavy sleepers and alcohol intake that made it easy for me to see and do the things I did. Moms be warned – no matter how ‘good’ your teenage son is or how wonderful his friends are; if there is an older sister with sleepovers, watch out for covert activity by your sons.

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