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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 10

What I dislike most about the opposite sex is…

An answer came to my mind when I reread this question. The answer has been something I have thought about for what seems like as long as I can remember. What I dislike, no let me clarify; what I hate about women is fakeness. Fakeness isn’t a word I realize yet I use it all the time to describe fake women.

When I speak of fake I mean first and foremost, fake breasts. Why would I be so hypocritical about women when I would gladly increase the size of my penis? For one thing most fake breasts look fake. They appear to look as if someone grabbed two grapefruits and shoved them underneath the skin. It just does not look natural to me.

1200cc Breast Implants cropped

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None of us can help the way we look. We can’t control the changes our bodies go through in the womb, during puberty or in old age. Some women will have little or no growth and some will need breast reduction to make life easier on their backs. That is just how our DNA made us. For me I am willing to accept a person the way they are. I can’t emphasize it enough. I hate fake breasts. I believe I am in the minority as far as my gender goes but that’s how it is for me.

In other areas, if any procedure is medically necessary than forget all that I just mentioned. Breast cancer, injuries, medically necessary cosmetic surgery — all of that has it’s place.

Don’t get me started on Botox injections.

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