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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 17

Given the choice between giving up sex for the rest of my life or giving up kissing, I would choose…

When I first wrote the question, I knew my answer was giving up sex. I love kissing far too much to not kiss (French) ever again. Now that I sit here typing this and thinking about it, I wonder…

I’m not quite sure. I know you’re here reading this post and expecting honesty. Perhaps you are tired of my constant references to sexuality during these 31 days. For that I apologize. Just be aware that if you read further, expect explicit verbal honesty. Read no further if reading further will be offensive to you.

The conundrum before me is, yes I love expressing my love through kissing and sexual activity, however what the ‘world’ considers oral sex, I just consider vaginal french kissing. I know I’m blurring the lines but a pair of female lips are just that. Lips meant to be kissed.

To me it’s an extension of mouth kissing. I am merely kissing a different body part. So, if I take into account that mouth kissing and vaginal kissing are just kissing I can definitely give up sexual intercourse and choose not to give up kissing. I created a rational loophole for myself. Creative license and not too offensive!

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