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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 21

Someone or something  I know I should have let go a long time ago is…

The something that I should have let go is pop. Soda pop to be more precise. I know how much sugar is in a two liter bottle of soda and I know how it sucks calcium from your bones and I also know how your kidneys suffer but I keep drinking soda.

I have cut back quite a bit but I want to stop altogether. Maybe the soft drink companies should come up with a patch the same way the tobacco companies developed nicotine patches for people who want to quit smoking.

My favorite pop drink is Coke and Pepsi mixed together when I’m at home. If I go out to a restaurant that makes you get your own drink, I usually mix Sprite and Coke together. On rare occasions, I take tea, lemonade and Sprite together. When I’m not having a smoothie while watching a movie, I like to have Pepsi with half a lemon juiced into it. Mmm delicious.

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