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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 23

Something I would change about myself right now is…

How lazy I have become in respect to exercising. I like working out and I need to work out but when my better half brings it up I always use the same excuse…

… I’ll get all the sexercise I need later on! She usually agrees. Vive la difference!

I talked about all the sugar in the soda I drink, I talked about the great and powerful Doctor Oz, and I told you how much I despise death. That should get me off my butt and workout but I am in denial lately. My parents are going to visit soon and they walk regularly. I think I will join them! I could stand to lose about 25 pounds as long as they come off at the waist and I can decrease the size of my omentum.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.

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