31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 25

To make my blog better I think I would like to start…

Well, to make Morning Erection a better blog it was suggested to me by a couple of other bloggers that I first and foremost change the name to be taken seriously. First and foremost I like the name. It brings as many curious visitors to the site as it also keeps away. I admit that when I find a great poem that I want to use for Poetic License and the person declines specifically because of the name of my blog, it is disappointing, however I always find another person willing and a few that have come here directly to have their poems included or to have another one be allowed sometime in the future.

What I would want to do to make my blog better would be to enlist the aid of several writers (perhaps three), to be permanent authors. This would allow different viewpoints and perspectives and it might bring in many additional readers and subscribers. Perhaps even with a name like Morning Erection I could be taken seriously.

The two things preventing me from doing this? The first is fear that one or all of the authors might not keep their posting schedule and that would add stress to my life that I don’t need. I know I have guest posts and all of them have been very professional but a permanent blogger who has the everyday stress of their own life to deal with without the personal attachment to Morning Erection like I have, could blur the line of commitment.

The second is adding additional authors would mean it is no longer a solo project — no longer my baby, so to speak. It would feel like it is no longer my blog. I just couldn’t do that.

I guess I just have to hope the audience will grow, people will continue to visit and my imagination doesn’t fail me. Go brain! Oh, and there is one other small thing. People take life too seriously as it is. Too much stress and not enough rejuvenation of the body and spirit. If Morning Erection is never taken seriously, so be it. I didn’t start this blog for others, I started it for me.

It’s great when a post makes someone laugh, or helps someone look at life differently (better), but really I’m just writing as an outlet. If I have no visitors from this day forth I will still continue to post. I won’t be able to enlist the bloggers who have joined me on challenges like this and the Community Meme that was done last December, but I can still post.

Don’t confuse what I am saying. I love my readers, my visitors, my commentors and my friends. I thank God for all of you. But you aren’t the reason I started blogging. I doubt very seriously if I am the reason you started blogging either. However I am honored that with a blog name that suggests it is a pornographic site; you still visit, comment, read and have become my friends. Happy Memorial Day!

Just out of curiosity… what do you think I should do to make this blog better?

We may have missed out on a Guest Post for the month of April but we had a great post in May and with the month of June comes time for another guest post. Saber Hodson is next month’s guest. Saber was gracious enough to say yes when I asked her to post for me. She’s been accomodating in many ways and a friend to Morning Erection. One of her photos was used in the latest edition of the Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine. Saber’s blog, What’s Up With That?!? is full of insightful and funny posts. Recently she began posting more of her personal photos. Stop by her site and also be sure and come back Saturday, June 4th to read her post!

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  1. #1 by brittany220 on July 19, 2011 - 10:43 PM

    Yeah your blog name made me a little nervous in the beginning too but now I’ve come to realize that it’s just a name, it’s not what you blog about thankfully! Haha.

  2. #2 by savesprinkles1234 on May 30, 2011 - 3:38 PM

    This is a wonderful answer!! You’re 5 days ahead of me! I’ll get on a much better schedule when I’m back from vacation. Really good answer and I like the name of your blog–it’s clever and suggesstive–just like my husband! He’s reading over my shoulder!

    • #3 by Tom Baker on May 31, 2011 - 8:24 AM

      Enjoy your vacation and family! That’s what is important. We can wait a little longer to get out laughs from your posts.

  3. #4 by PrinceConnoisseur on May 30, 2011 - 9:08 AM

    Makes perfect sense and yes it is a very honest post as Cherlyn stated. I on the other hand started my two blogs for others and without visitors there would be no need to continue posting. Funny to say that as I close both blogs soon! Morning Erection has sexual connotations but your blog lacks a majority of sex. When your post contain mature material or sexual imagery you always let readers know the day ahead and on the post. People who subscribe can see right away if they want to view the whole post.

    Keep on blogging Tom and please keep your fans engaged. The Nude Dinner Party, the meme and now the 31 Days. Your friends need you. Seriously, a lot of the blogs I read are because of you and because of you they have people who read their blogs. If there was a way to promote your blog for you I would. Enjoy your holiday.

    • #5 by Tom Baker on May 30, 2011 - 12:33 PM

      Ron, I appreciate your words. I’m always amazed when a guy leaves a long comment. I will keep blogging and I’ve decided that I may never post adult material again. It’s just a personal choice. I have done a lot of Google searches and my blog pops up in the image sections quite often for things unrelated sexually in any way but because of the name Morning Erection and some of the topics of my posts; there I am.

      Not just Google either. I did a search for how to set a table for a formal dinner party and all of the nude dinner menus came up. Not something you want kids to look at. It would appear that I am maturing in my young age. Learning about Christ is helping too. I promise not to preach to anyone.

  4. #6 by Cherlyn on May 30, 2011 - 3:48 AM

    A very honest post! I can’t think of anything to make your blog better, because I like it as it is, but I’m sure with any new endeavor you follow with your blog it’ll be a good one :)

    • #7 by Tom Baker on May 30, 2011 - 12:28 PM

      Thank you Miss Cochrane. I appreciate what you said and I hope you continue to like it as is. I want to thank you once again for taking part in the 31 Days. It’s just the three of us this time. I’m cooking something new that I hope more people will take part in. I think it will be another meme. Who knows though.

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