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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 23

Something I would change about myself right now is…

How lazy I have become in respect to exercising. I like working out and I need to work out but when my better half brings it up I always use the same excuse…

… I’ll get all the sexercise I need later on! She usually agrees. Vive la difference!

I talked about all the sugar in the soda I drink, I talked about the great and powerful Doctor Oz, and I told you how much I despise death. That should get me off my butt and workout but I am in denial lately. My parents are going to visit soon and they walk regularly. I think I will join them! I could stand to lose about 25 pounds as long as they come off at the waist and I can decrease the size of my omentum.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.

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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 22

As to whether or not I have ever contemplated giving up on life, my answer is…

Emphatically no! I have never had cause to contemplate suicide. I have thought about what might drive a person to do it, but I’ve never seriously contemplated it myself. I hope I never ever do feel that way and I hope and pray nobody reading this would ever do such a thing either!

Life is far too precious, to special, to ever consider ending it.

I do know several people who have confided in me and let me know that they once thought or even tried it. All for what seemed to me to be trivial reasons. I know now that even with physical pain, what might be terribly painful for one person might not even hurt a bit for another. So I believe the same is true for emotional pain. I just tried to be the best friend, the best listener possible and I thank God everyone is still around today. Not that I’m taking any of the credit but I am happy nobody ended their life that confided their intentions to me.

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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 21

Someone or something  I know I should have let go a long time ago is…

The something that I should have let go is pop. Soda pop to be more precise. I know how much sugar is in a two liter bottle of soda and I know how it sucks calcium from your bones and I also know how your kidneys suffer but I keep drinking soda.

I have cut back quite a bit but I want to stop altogether. Maybe the soft drink companies should come up with a patch the same way the tobacco companies developed nicotine patches for people who want to quit smoking.

My favorite pop drink is Coke and Pepsi mixed together when I’m at home. If I go out to a restaurant that makes you get your own drink, I usually mix Sprite and Coke together. On rare occasions, I take tea, lemonade and Sprite together. When I’m not having a smoothie while watching a movie, I like to have Pepsi with half a lemon juiced into it. Mmm delicious.

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