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Guest Blogger, Saber Hodson

Introducing Saber Hodson from What’s Up With That?!?

Please welcome Saber Hodson, to Morning Erection. Saber Hodson is another one of my guest bloggers who I wish would post more often. I’m not complaining, I just like reading the things she writes. She is also a wonderful photographer. Her site is quirky, to me, and I believe you will agree as your read the topic she chose to favor us with today. As always, it is a great honor for me to be able to have a guest blogger. As a favor to me please show Saber the courtesy of leaving a comment and do yourself a favor and visit her newest site. Thank you very much.


Syphilis – not the most pleasant conversation topic I know, and yet for one reason or another it seems to be one that is quite common in my life. This would be fine if it were for any of the normal reasons.

Normal reasons to have a conversation about Syphilis

1) You’re a healthcare professional – it’s your job to talk about these things.

2) You are thinking of hiring a prostitute.

3) You are a prostitute OR are considering it as a career.

4) Teaching high school health class sometime after the condom gets put on the banana

5) You work in advertising and worked on a sexual health campaign making all the STD posters for subways and bus stops. (My college had a very nice chlamydia poster)


The problem lies in the fact that I am involved in none of the above acceptable reasons to talk about Syphilis. I am not working in the healthcare industry, I am not thinking about hiring or becoming a prostitute, I don’t teach children EVER as a rule, and I don’t work in advertising. So why is it that I always seem to end up talking about Syphilis?

My reasons to have a conversation about Syphilis

1) A co-workers daughter works as a nurse with homeless people and prostitutes in Edmonton. When discussing her daughter’s job she informs me that Edmonton is the Syphilis capital of Canada. Now there is something to brag about.

2) “I love Tom Cruise like I love Syphilis” – This was more a conversation with myself.

3) A family friend was telling me about when he was young and worked on a sail boat in the Caribbean. He spent some time in Trinidad and Tobago where the last name Syphilis is very popular; much of the phone book is filled with this name. I don’t know why.

4) High school history class – The renaissance. Apparently syphilis was very much in style back then. Many reports ended with “and he died after contracting syphilis” and then we would go on to discuss why, and how.

Yeah, Chris had the Syph.

5) This isn’t a conversation but more an occurrence in my life. Every time I watch season 4 of Buffy and I get to the episode where they awaken the Native American spirit on Thanksgiving Xander gets syphilis. It’s all very upsetting.

6) Right now, I’m talking about it. In fact I’ve already said syphilis 12 times just telling you all about it.

I’m worried about what this list says about my social life. Clearly I invite this topic in some way unknown to me as much as I offer it up. Before you know it I’m going to be hanging out in the free clinic and bus stops just to have someone to talk to. My walls will be papered with discarded subway posters and I’ll start an escort company of low standards. My life will take a dramatic downward spiral and eventually I’ll be forced to move to Edmonton. Of course none of this will matter after the Zombie Apocalypse.

Just like this…

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