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I have a stalker named Bill! You know who you are! I absolutely hate YOU! You keep hanging around my house despite my best efforts to be rid of you. I changed my habits and taken steps to alter my behavior but he keeps coming around – like clockwork. I think he likes me!

And sometimes I think I’m just about rid of him; but he keeps coming back. I think he must love me and that’s not good at all – besides the fact that I am married!

He comes in many forms…telephone bill, cable bill, electric bill & water bill, heating bill, and so on… If you drive by my house and see him feel free to shoot on site!

On second thought, I was told if you shoot Bill, his cousin Collector will start calling all the time. Calling me at home, on my job; and I was told he is twice as bad as Bill is.

Do you know Bill?


I have a guest blogger for this month! Amazing I know considering how this blog is or isn’t progressing. My guest will be Chris Ferrell. Chris was the original GB. He was the first guest blogger on Morning Erection and I am honored to have him make a second appearance. His first post was about Battlestar Galactica. This time the theme of his post is sports related. I hope you stop back on Saturday, October 8th to read his post. In the meantime, see what his site, Nerds of the Round Table is all about.

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