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Inquiring Minds May Want To Know

Inquiring minds may want to know what the status is of this blog. Thank you for all the emails and for those who still visit here when I publish a post. I am honored by your continued visits. Maybe humbled is a better word.

Keeping you abreast of Morning Erection’s status is difficult because I have big dreams and great ideas but of late I am just to busy to see them through. I do make a promise to try to keep the schedule I’m outlining here. I promise and swear! Pinky swear.

On December 11, 2011 I plan to post my answers to the second annual Community Meme. It was a lot of fun last year getting to know so many new people through some very intriguing questions (if I do say so myself). This year a friend of mine, Cherlyn Cochrane is penning the questions and they well be ready to start answering on October 19th. What? You weren’t around last year when we did the meme? Here is the explanation post and here are the results.

Guest posts will begin again this coming Saturday. I am happy to announce that my very first guest blogger, Chris Ferrell is guesting once again. I suppose he felt sorry for me! No, he’s just a nice person. For November my guest blogger will be Lakia Gordon and in December it will be Carl Dorsey.

The publishing of Morning Erection’s Poetic License magazine failed to meet it’s deadline but I am still working on it. Everyone who was featured during the months of May, June, July and August will appear in the online magazine.

I still want to publish your favorite blog posts and I am going to do just that. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be and I’ve enlisted the help of a few of my blogging friends. They are working on it and don’t want any credit whatsoever.

Lastly, I am working on another interview. One is already complete and the other one is in its infancy. I’m reading over her blog so I can formulate intelligent questions. She is a photographer like my previous interview.

There you have it. I am committed to Morning Erection and will continue blogging as long as I can.

I have a guest blogger for this month! Amazing I know considering how this blog is or isn’t progressing. My guest will be Chris Ferrell. Chris was the original GB. He was the first guest blogger on Morning Erection and I am honored to have him make a second appearance. His first post was about Battlestar Galactica. This time the theme of his post is sports related. I hope you stop back on Saturday, October 8th to read his post. In the meantime, see what his site, Nerds of the Round Table is all about.

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