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Thank You Chris Ferrell

At first the idea that someone would read my blog was beyond my scope of thinking. Then I asked and found out that a stranger would willingly post their content on my blog for others to read and that was even more of an amazing thought. Well it happened.

Chris Ferrell was coming to this blog on regular basis. He was reading my posts and leaving comments on it because he wanted to. Then he had agreed not only once but twice to guest post for me.

What a humbling experience! Chris, thank you very much for being willing to share your gray matter with the readers of Morning Erection and help me out with my desire expand the scope of my blog. You were the first guest blogger and words cannot express how much I appreciated your willingness to help me. Thanks again for sharing this time around. I truly hope the experience both times has been as beneficial for you and Nerds of the Round Table as it has been for Morning Erection and its readers.

I have November 2011 through February 2012 filled with guest bloggers and I am still looking for future months. If anyone is interested please check out my Guests page.

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