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Second Annual Community Network Meme

Come one, come all, to the second annual community meme (pronounced ‘meem’).

Last year’s meme was lots of fun for everyone that took part in it. This year the goal is to get the ones who participated last year to do so again this year and to also find at least one other person to play along.

The idea of the meme is to post questions that many bloggers will answer and do so on the same day and time. Then visit other bloggers, read their responses and leave meaningful comments. Many new friendships were made last year that still exist today and many new readers were gained for many bloggers. Last year Sunday Stealing found my blog and posted their answers days in advance of the day we chose. No big deal, however this year I have taken steps to prevent the premature posting of answers. Here is how the 2011 meme will work. Read more…