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Poetic License – November 2011

Posted on the first Monday of every month, Poetic License consists of eight carefully selected poems for your reading pleasure from the thousands posted across the Internet daily. I only want the best for those who make it through the sea of blog posts to my blog. I hope you truly enjoy this month’s selection. If there is a particular poem that you find moving, please visit the link of the poet and let him or her know.

Artistically Inclined
by Tony Jefferson, Jr.

I’ll lasso the sun and scorch the land
Cause fire brings renewal
Growth from the smallest seed prospers to greatness
Overshadowing the past that burned out with time
I’ll straddle the moon and ride through the night
Cause in darkness I creep
In dead silence
Stalking the weak and stupid
Out of misery joy cometh
Striking the match to light the light of ingenuity
Light bulbs flash in my head
Innovative flashes of change
Strike me with fear and I become confused
Submitting to the mass media
Letting them dictate my life
Living in a state of darkness
No one saw the crimes committed against the innocent
But are they really innocent
Or are my eyes blind to what’s real
Did they put themselves in this predicament?
By believing the lies spewed
Or am I just dreaming of equality

by William Akin

In these soft, silent moments of the soul,
when a slow loneliness builds and I succumb,
my thoughts return to you
and I let my mind to wander,
Through the harsh landscape of my heart,
now barren, so many days, weeks, years later
this twilit time offers no sight of relief.
I am torn, I am tormented,
I tumble down, and away.

My memories of you flicker,
illuminated as if by a candle’s light,
And promises that will not fade away.

Holding Hands
by Andra

I think of you and paint your face
Imagine how it would feel the embrace
I dream your kiss and how we laugh
My expression changes at that thought

I hold your hand and won’t let go
It feels so right, I need it to be forever so
You hold my hand, you hold it tight
Felt somehow that I’ll lose the fight

By your side no matter what it may come
Keeping each other company on the run
We hold hands, we hold them tight
Trust in us to find our own day light

I Cry …
by Lank81

I Cry for children who weep for their lost youth
Abolished from their land of make believe
Which once swiftly swayed within the confines of their hearts
For innocence is quickly lost
Where others are stripped of life’s beauty
As the willow weeps so do these who are but shocked with life’s ugly truth
Veils of disbelief are sewn to cover mind’s eye
Yet those who witness truth can not cover their disbelief

I sit with head in hands …
And cry for the children who weep for their lost youth.

by Isis Rose

Drift and flutter little flakes.
Floating. Light. Fragile. Break.
The wind’s your coarse, so dance tonight.
The world’s your playground, blanket white.
Together tower to great heights.
As wintery wishes my mind ignites.
I watch you, longing to swirl and chase.
Travel the skies to a far away place.
Softly canvas the city’s filth.
Pure and clean your icicles melt.
Give drink to earth when spring returns.
You disappear till the cold winds burn.
Take me with you, wash me deep.
Summer sun, dissolve the heap.
Return to the clouds, blown away.
Merge and thunder, storm and rain.
Drizzle. Shower. Flurry. Hail.
Chaotic furies my nature stains.
Till a simple snowflake I float down again.

by Alyssa Richter

This dose is more then I can handle,
Sin runs through my veins like drugs.
This poison of impurity is polluting my body;
Flowing through each capillary, pumping in and out, in and out’
Reaching the furthest tissues and cells;
Pouring through the very arteries which guard my heart,
My heart, which seems to be aware of this cocaine.
With each pound it screams for more.
The temptation of what just one hit will accomplish.
Oh, just one hit of that passion that draws me closer to you,
How I crave that touch of sweet sin, your body pressed against mine;
A recipe for disaster, a high so unnatural it can only be brought down over time.
The mere thought of you causes my heart rate to increase and my palms to sweat.
This high so pure, and so vivid, I long for another, just one hit,
Please have mercy on me, for I can’t help this desire.
Press your lips against mine and deliver me that kiss of death.

The Lady that Dances In My Dreams
by Tyrone Turner

I can’t breathe.
All the woman that you are has taken my breath away.
When I first laid eyes on you, I noticed how your voluptuous body had more curves than a winding mountain trail.
Your skin is a lovely pecan tan and your adventurous, alluring eyes are almond brown.
You got me talking about pecans and almonds because the vision of you drives me nuts!
Your voice is soft, sweet and everything you say is a sweet melody.
Your perfume is intoxicating and every time I walk passed you in the corridor I inhale deeply so I can savor the scent of your sweet perfume.
When you squeeze my hand or pinch my arm to say, “Hello” to me, I’m paralyzed by your touch.
You so excite me.
Honey, you appeal to my senses.
You look good, sound good, and smell good.
I oftentimes fantasize about how good you must feel and how good you must taste.
Your sugary kisses and the honey bun in your britches.
I would give you both R-n-B and Hip-Hop loving.
By R-n-B loving I mean that I would look into your Ebony Eyes and Love You Down – from head to toe.
You got that Whip Appeal so it would be A Night to Remember.
Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Bump-n-Grind, so I’ll take my time and Make It Last Forever.
With Hip-Hop loving, you’re All I Need because you’re an Around the Way Girl that can ask me 21 Questions because you’re Always On Time.
The line between being attracted to you and falling for you is Paper Thin because you got me Hypnotized.
I keep my thoughts a secret because you belong to another.
To covet is to sin so I pray that the MOST HIGH forgives me.
It is hard for me to play it off because your eyes betray you, sweetheart.
They sparkle with curiosity mixed with a pinch of mischief and a dash of lust.
Of course, I could be wrong about what I see in your eyes as I may be blinded because my desire for you is so very strong.
Things may not be as it seems.
One thing is for certain though.
YOU are the lady that dances in my dreams.

If Only You Saw You As I Saw You
by TJTherien

Would that I could pluck out my eyes
And through them you could see as I see
Just as sure as stain glass tears come to crystalize
You would come to appreciate the truth about your beauty
For seldom have I seen such comely face, angelic grace
Packaged in so near perfect form and symmetry
I would be hard pressed to make a more compelling case
Lest I were to provide the proofs of all Eternity
But most important and likely most ignored is that which is most beautiful
It’s that which offers the greatest reward, the beauty of your Heart and Soul…

I did not notice my despair,
or my unending internal regret.
But slowly I began to become aware
of the face I could not forget.
The smile that could melt my soul –
those eyes of a sea-like hue.
And I have yet to feel as whole
as when I spent my time with you.
Perhaps with time the wounds will heal,
and all I’ve done will be redeemed;
but maybe regret is how I’ll always feel –
and I will be left within this dream.

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