As If Anyone Really Has Any Extra Time To Write On Another Blog…


Don’t laugh. I know we are all already over stressed and over stretched. We struggle daily with a lack of sleep and a lack of time. Are there really still 24 hours in a day? I realize it is already such an effort to keep up with the blog we write for now. Where would we possible find the time or desire to write for another blog? I don’t have the time to reply to the comments I receive, I struggle with writer’s block on a daily not weekly basis and you want to suggest I write more?! Tom are you crazy?


No I am not crazy nor am I as ambitious as you might think. I do have a great love for people and I enjoy getting to know other people and cultures. So, I created yet another blog called Flavor Internationale. Flavor Internationale is admittedly, an idea that I stole while visiting another blog. I reserve the right not to tell you where I got it from so I don’t incriminate myself! Although in all fairness they have made no effort to bring their idea to fruition.


Flavor Internationale is a blog that I invite everyone who wants to be a writer on, to join. If you have a blog or if you don’t have a blog. I want many writers but what I mostly want are writers from many different countries to be a part of this global project. You can write about any subject under the sun but what I really want is regional subjects covered. I don’t mean politics or things like that. I mean personal things. I mean cultural things. I mean photos, recipes, and poetries (not a word, I know, but I like how it sounded.

Of course there will be rules of engagement but nothing too hard. Things like a limit of one post per day per blogger, no nudity, and finding ways to promote your posts via social media sites. Nothing too outrageous.

So, if you are interested in authoring posts on my new adventure, please contact me and let’s get this blog underway!

There is no posting schedule requirement. You post at your leisure so there is no stress, no deadlines and no hassle. Please consider joining Flavor Internationale if you would like to spread your blogging wings. Even if you don’t feel like writing for Flavor Internationale consider Following the blog to keep up with what we will be doing!

Flavor Internationale is a blog that was just created and is very much under construction; please be patient.

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  1. #1 by Inside the Mind of Isadora on January 9, 2012 - 4:03 AM

    Well … somehow I missed this one, Tom. It was probably due to the festivities that started around Thanksgiving. I noticed you put this blog up around November. Did I just make an excuse for missing this??? I suppose I did. A real weakness … I hate making mistakes. It’s that damn perfectionist popping her head out at me.
    Anywho … went to the blog. It’s cool. Can I contribute something??? I don’t know. I don’t know how to categorize myself but I’d like to think I could manage one or two. Let’s see …!!! Still need warm breathing bodies for the blog? Ask and, perhaps, ye shall be given. ~~~ : – )

  2. #2 by last_lines on November 24, 2011 - 10:04 PM

    Very interesting Tom…Send me an invite, I am definitely keen :) – Kim

    • #3 by Tom Baker on November 25, 2011 - 9:44 AM

      Kim, I sent it. Thanks for wanting to be a part of this.

  3. #4 by PrinceConnoisseur on November 24, 2011 - 6:34 PM

    This seems like a great idea. Too bad I’m too busy but you know I’m no writer. Ha ha ha.

    • #5 by Tom Baker on November 25, 2011 - 9:45 AM

      The end of the year is fast approaching and your blogging days will be over!

  4. #6 by Chris on November 23, 2011 - 11:50 PM

    Tom, I’m interested but the invite you sent me didn’t work. Hit me up again and I’ll be happy to do some posts for you.

    • #7 by Tom Baker on November 24, 2011 - 1:42 PM

      Resent! Thank you Chris. You are the man.

  5. #8 by BlueGem on November 22, 2011 - 9:24 PM

    Hmm, very very tempting. I’ll think about it some more.

    • #9 by Tom Baker on November 22, 2011 - 9:36 PM

      I hope your thinking leads you to set up residence in Flavor Internationale!

  6. #10 by Bluejellybeans on November 22, 2011 - 5:51 AM

    Great idea, Tom!
    I really don’t have too much time left after writing my blog and taking care of my house, kids, hubby, dogs… BUT I guess I can write something from time to time. I’ll contact you.
    Have a nice day :)

    • #11 by Tom Baker on November 22, 2011 - 5:56 AM

      Thank you Blue. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you do set up residence in the neighborhood!

  7. #12 by Eclipse on November 22, 2011 - 3:14 AM

    …………flying by all the way from Broken Sparkles :) …Your idea sounds very interesting
    Nice meeting you Tom

    • #13 by Tom Baker on November 22, 2011 - 5:52 AM

      Nice to meet you Eclipse. I was just at your site. It’s lovely. I was a visitor there once before at Blaga’s encouraging but I don’t think I had the time to leave a comment. It is great to have you here. It’s nice to meet you as well. Please consider setting up residence at Flavor Internationale.

  8. #14 by addielicious on November 21, 2011 - 12:23 PM

    Way to go! :D

    • #15 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 9:10 PM

      Are you interested in contributing? Please say yes!

  9. #16 by Ms. Me on November 21, 2011 - 9:32 AM

    You know I like the idea. I have 3 blogs and an additional blog I guest post on. So, should I find the time I’ll post on yours too!

    • #17 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 9:11 PM

      I hope you can find the time. I know it is a lot to ask but I sent you an invitation anyway.

  10. #18 by disjointedrhymings on November 21, 2011 - 5:25 AM

    Sounds interesting, I’ll certainly read but will have to ponder contributing…

    • #19 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 9:09 PM

      Thanks and you know I would love for you to contribute. C’mon.

  11. #20 by Cherlyn on November 21, 2011 - 4:31 AM

    A very good idea Tom! It’s something I’ll consider for sure :)

    • #21 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 9:04 PM

      I hope so Cherlyn. You know I need you input and help with blogging matters.

  12. #22 by Broken Sparkles on November 21, 2011 - 12:37 AM

    Great Idea! I definitely want a little space at Flavor Internationale! Just need some time to come up with something original! Well done Tom!

    • #23 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 9:01 PM

      I sent you an invite Blaga. I hope you do contribute often. I really appreciate you!

      • #24 by Broken Sparkles on November 22, 2011 - 1:08 AM

        I will come up with a short bio and accept the invitation later on today! Thanks Tom!

  13. #26 by A Pakistani Boy on November 21, 2011 - 12:33 AM

    Count me in :)

    • #27 by Tom Baker on November 21, 2011 - 8:39 PM

      Glad to have you a part of this Pakistani Boy! Thanks.

      • #28 by A Pakistani Boy on January 8, 2012 - 1:39 PM

        I lost my invitation and now i wanna join, can you send the invite to me again. I’m sorry :/

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