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Planet Jupiter; Some Things You Might Not Know

Some Facts About the Fifth Planet from the Sun.

Jupiter, 5th Planet in our Solar System


1. You can fit 318 planet Earth’s inside of Jupiter. That is huge. Not only can you fit over three hundred Earth’s inside of Jupiter but Jupiter’s mass is 2.5 the mass of the rest of the planets combined.

2. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is actually a storm that has been raging for more than 350 years but it is getting smaller in size. Astronomer Cassini first viewed the Great Red Spot in 1655.

3. Jupiter has 63 know satellites. My personal favorite moon is Io. Io has active vulcanism and produces lava flows, volcanic pits, and plumes of sulfur and sulfur dioxide hundreds of miles high. This volcanic activity was discovered in 1979 by Voyager 1.

But perhaps the most important fact about Jupiter that I want to make you aware of is that this month you can see it with your naked eye. Jupiter is the brightest “star” in the night sky during November.


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As If Anyone Really Has Any Extra Time To Write On Another Blog…


Don’t laugh. I know we are all already over stressed and over stretched. We struggle daily with a lack of sleep and a lack of time. Are there really still 24 hours in a day? I realize it is already such an effort to keep up with the blog we write for now. Where would we possible find the time or desire to write for another blog? I don’t have the time to reply to the comments I receive, I struggle with writer’s block on a daily not weekly basis and you want to suggest I write more?! Tom are you crazy?


No I am not crazy nor am I as ambitious as you might think. I do have a great love for people and I enjoy getting to know other people and cultures. So, I created yet another blog called Flavor Internationale. Flavor Internationale is admittedly, an idea that I stole while visiting another blog. I reserve the right not to tell you where I got it from so I don’t incriminate myself! Although in all fairness they have made no effort to bring their idea to fruition.


Flavor Internationale is a blog that I invite everyone who wants to be a writer on, to join. If you have a blog or if you don’t have a blog. I want many writers but what I mostly want are writers from many different countries to be a part of this global project. You can write about any subject under the sun but what I really want is regional subjects covered. I don’t mean politics or things like that. I mean personal things. I mean cultural things. I mean photos, recipes, and poetries (not a word, I know, but I like how it sounded.

Of course there will be rules of engagement but nothing too hard. Things like a limit of one post per day per blogger, no nudity, and finding ways to promote your posts via social media sites. Nothing too outrageous.

So, if you are interested in authoring posts on my new adventure, please contact me and let’s get this blog underway!

There is no posting schedule requirement. You post at your leisure so there is no stress, no deadlines and no hassle. Please consider joining Flavor Internationale if you would like to spread your blogging wings. Even if you don’t feel like writing for Flavor Internationale consider Following the blog to keep up with what we will be doing!

Flavor Internationale is a blog that was just created and is very much under construction; please be patient.

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Bloggers Unite And Help A Fellow Blogger Out

Fellow bloggers, I have a friend who would like very much to win this award. He admits that he has very little chance of winning but absolutely no chance if he does not try. I would like for you to vote for him to get this award. In the past I have asked you to vote for other people, stop by and give comforting words when someone lost a relative and you have responded willingly.

I’m asking once again. If you feel led, please read his post that I copied directly from his post (minus the smiley faces) and click the link to vote for him. Thank you one and all. Peace.

Vote For Me: Pakistan Blog Awards, Best Diarist

It’s a long shot of me winning but what the heck? I can still try. As they say, if you don’t shoot, it’s gonna be a 100% miss. So here i am BEGGING you guys to please vote for me. It’s the biggest blog awards of Pakistan and its a huge honor for me. I know I’m new and I’m not as good as the others, but i will one day be IA in the same place as them and I need your help to vote for me.





I started out as a passionate writer and a poet and now it’s been only almost a year and I’m so far through it. I’m lovin’ it! So please vote for me at this link, and you just might know my real name and (cough) see the beauty that i am.

And I am so grateful to all of you for your support.

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