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December Is Food Month

I mentioned in a post several weeks ago that I am dedicating my December posts to food. I’m still not exactly set on what each post will be about but I’m determined to make it a foodie thing. Of course the 2011 Community Meme, Poetic License, the Guest Post and my Christmas post will take center stage on their respective days, but for the rest, Food, Food Food! Is there anything you would like to see here this month?

My guest blogger tomorrow, Saturday, December 3rd is  Iron Cook Carl from Iron Cook: American. Carl’s post is for the wife who is married to a man who lacks romance. The post itself is definitely for the unromantic man and one thing in particular he can surprise his wife with. Most of the readers of Morning Erection are females, some married, some not; what can you expect? The post (due to language) has a higher that Family Friendly rating.