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Another Dinner Party; An Invitation

After careful consideration and many requests I have decided to host another dinner party — and yes, it is the very same kind of Dinner Party I had last year. Last time I sent out invitations and threw a huge surprise at the end. An unwrapping of sorts. This year I am not sending out invitations. This year everyone is invited (that means a frequent visitor or commentor) not really everybody!

Last year’s dinner was just for people on my blogroll. Several of my more frequent visitors who were not on my blogroll felt left out. I had to create a special meal just for them last minute. If you’ve ever had the honor of hosting a party for family and friends, you know how last minute changes can really throw you off your game. Nonetheless, things went well.

Next year’s party will also have a purpose bigger than just food and fellowship. The dinner party will be on Friday, February 24th and we will have a mini conference on blogging all day Saturday the 25th. If you are coming and have special dietary needs, I would like to meet them. Gluten-free, allergies, vegetarian, vegan, even lactose intolerant.

Air fare is on me. Your job (assuming you accept it) will be to uninvite yourself if you do not want the invitation extended your way. Not that it matters, but I will not be offended if you choose not to partake in this get together.

If you are a little confused, this is a virtual dinner party. Please don’t really show up at my home. I will not be prepared for that unexpected encounter! Many of you are either dating, engaged, or married. Unfortunately my dining room table and my imagination for creating specialized menus is limited. The invitation is just for you and not your significant other.

For comments of course use the comment section, to be removed from the guest list, please use the contact page. Bon appétit.

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