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Suicide Attempts

I need your help my friends. I came across a blogger this morning who could really use some friends. Her name is Anne and she lives in the Philippines. It broke my heart reading her posts. I know that I have some, if not the best blogging friends on the planet so I am asking you for help. Please find it in your hearts (mostly my female friends, but of course males too) to visit her site and leave some words of encouragement.

Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it and please don’t tell her not to commit suicide. That is not a deterrent. Words of encouragement and reasons for living help. Let her know that the bad things others say to her and do to her are not her fault; let her know that is their problem and not hers. I’m very sure that all who want to head over to her blog need no instruction from me, so I thank you.

I just learned that she has decided to seek help from doctors this January. That means no phones and no internet. Please stop by soon – today if possible. I know she is online right now. Thank you all. You are the best!

Anne’s blog is I Am Ms. Brightside and the post you should read first is Stitches.

Maybe you are not comfortable dealing with this subject matter. That is fine too, just visit her other posts and leave comments. Everyone with a blog likes comments! I know I do! Hint, hint…



Dining Etiquette I Just Learned

I was at a loss for another food post so a good friend suggested a post on dining etiquette. Ask and you shall receive. Most if not all of the information included in this post comes from the What’s Cooking America. The video above gives advice on decorating your table and table setting.

At my dinner, your table manners are optional. It is more important to me that you enjoy yourself. Just don’t talk with food in your mouth, please.