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Dance With Me

Dance With Me

by Tom Baker

The aroma of red wine fills my sense
With it I am transported to a different time and place
To when, I alone was who you shared your secrets with
When the “I love you’s” dripped from my lips
And yours like the rainfall in spring
When in our kisses I could taste your thoughts

Just a wisp of your sweet breath has touched my ear
And again I am swept by your words but now back to reality
My hidden, …….. obscure thoughts and feelings resurface
The past comes rushing in – barreling down like a torrent
What marvelous feelings my mind is imparting

The smile in your eyes has me taken aback
I am your slave – entranced and hypnotized in time
Wanting more of you than I deserve or am even allowed
What a wonderful overload of my senses
The rhythm of sight, taste, sound, touch and of smells
Have my feet wanting to sweep you up and sail across the floor

Dance with me, my once and future love
Bring me back down to earth
Yearning to feel your touch, my flesh laments
The space and time between us
Since you wanted to be loved by me
Since you were able to be loved by me

Dance with me and fill these empty wanting arms.

The rhythm just makes me want you more….

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