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Meme(s) 2012

I know. I know! The dust has barely settled on last year’s meme but I don’t want to waste any time on what, for me, is an easy few posts to put together.  This post is for those who participated in the December meme and to anyone who would like to take part in the two memes that will occur this year (July and December). If you were a part of the meme from December 2011, I need from you, two original questions that will comprise the memes this year. One question for each meme.

Should there be similar questions, I will ask the person who submitted their question last to come up with a new question. The rules for these two memes are the same as last year which will be posted in May along with all the questions. First, you will need to submit your questions via my contact page.

If you are interested in taking part in the memes this year, again, use the contact page and let me know. When all the questions are in and I post the rules, I will also email you to see if you are still interested in being a part of the July meme. If so, I will email the questions to you (not to be shared with anyone else). Anybody else who wants to take part, must get their questions by email from me.

I already finished my two questions and I look forward to reading yours.