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A Tale of Two Toms, Two Dicks But No Harry

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Charles Caleb Colton

Pun definitely intended!

I cannot say for sure that he saw my site and copied. Sometimes there are two great minds on the Earth at the same time (you have my permission to laugh)! On February 25th as I was preparing my thank you for Mai’s guest post I noticed a little orange number one next to my name. When I clicked on it Jenni from had followed my blog. Strange I thought. I don’t remember her ever leaving a comment or sending me an email and I know I had not been by her site. I was intrigued. I went to her site and she had created a post about my Morning Erection.

Both her and her readers were confused by my blog because there once was a guy named Thomas who had a blog called Morning Wood. His site is now defunct but everyone on her blog thinks the similarities between us two guys and the two blogs are too close for me not to be this ‘other’ Tom.

I don’t know how the similarities came about because I did not know this other blog existed but perhaps he copied from me? What I do know is I might as well try to steal over to my blog, those bloggers who used to visit his! Sounds like a plan. Don’t hate.

Although the blog is deleted Google has cached some of his posts. You can view a few of them here (images were removed by Google). He even used the same theme as me. Freaky deaky. Please, someone, anyone, tell me honestly that you do not think I am that other Thomas guy. Thomas if you are out there, feel free to interject anytime!

That has got to be my most clever post title ever.

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