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Unable To Comment

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am not ignoring you. I woke up this morning and tried leaving comments on at least a dozen blogs. Only two of those blogs were blogs that I have never commented on before. Nothing happened. I hit the Post Comment button, the browser went through the motions and then nothing. Back to an empty comment box.

There was no comment is awaiting moderation, just nothing. WordPress Support is closed until Monday so I don’t have any options but to wait. I cleared my history, deleted my cookies, talked nicely to my computer but to no avail.

I tried to tell Blaga congratulations on her 100th follower, tell Robyn I am sorry that Caractacus Potts has married someone else. I told, I mean tried to tell Christine I was hoping she would get over the flu quickly but that never posted either. I visited Let’s Be Extraordinary to let her know I enjoyed her site and hope she continues to blog and I also went to tell Sylvia that I would indeed agree to be tagged once more again. Okay, now this Tag game is more like the card game War than it is Monopoly because War truly never ends!

Thankfully I can still comment on my own blog. You know I’ll keep trying but until then…