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True Friends Get Naked With One Another

Dear Friends,

I want to get naked with some of you. Together, alone; just us two.

In my lifetime I have had numerous times when I wish I had someone to share things with. When I was way up on the mountaintop filled with happiness and when I was way way down in the valley very sad and depressed. Nobody likes feeling like that and no one wants others to feel that way either.

I’m happy to say that almost from the start of this blog I have been able to be that person for many people. The one I made public was Anne from the Philippines. All others have been private and of course will remain that way.

This post is written simply because if you ever find yourself in need of someone to talk to or someone to just listen to you, I am that person. I give good advice and I am a great listener. It does not mean everyone takes my advice and certainly not everyone agrees with my life philosophies, yet still they come.

Awhile back I received an email from a young lady who loved reading my blog but also had some issues and stopped reading it. I posted her letter and she still doesn’t read my blog as far as I know, but I do get frequent emails from her whenever she needs to talk. I get emails from people as young as 15 years old and as old as or older than me. It feels good to make new friends and be able to be there for others. Use my email address or my contact page and we can converse. If you don’t mind being naked with me according to how I defined it in the graphic below, I’m here for you.

It was mentioned once that I should start an advice blog. I just laughed!

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”
Audrey Hepburn

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