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Repost: Help Me To Congratulate A Friend!

Blaga from Broken Sparkles recently celebrated her 100th follower of her blog to leave a comment! She asked me to be a part of her celebrations and now I am asking you to be a part of hers. If you have the time stop by and just say congrats!

A year and a half ago I didn’t think that I will have a poetry blog today and people will be interested in what I have to say or that I will meet so many friendly souls living in every corner of the world … but it’s a fact, I started my blog in October 2010 as “Scent of my heart” / I changed the name later to Broken Sparkles/ and so far I’ve managed to keep up with my posts and the other day I had my 100 blog follower leaving a comment. 100! Compared to some other blogs with much more visitors 100 is probably nothing, but to me it’s something to make me feel proud of myself.

But all this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the first person who discovered me- Tom Baker. Thanks to Tom’s advice and guidance I am where I am right now. And today I’ve asked Tom and my 100 follower- Karmic Diva, to assemble few words and celebrate this moment with me.

Tom Baker

” I started blogging three years ago this coming October. I’m what people call a procrastinator and on a dare by a few friends I took the challenge of writing a blog for a year. I never in a million years thought anyone would read my ramblings and yet a few people did. When those few people became more I decided to see what else was out in the WordPress universe. I discovered you could search WordPress and find other bloggers that had blogs I was interested in reading.

Armed with this new information, I found many blogs about food, movies and poetry. Poetry is what brought me to Blaga’s Scent Of My Heart blog. I loved her poetry and we have been friends ever since. Now her blog is called Broken Sparkles and is loved by many more people than just I – and they know much more about poetry than I do. Congratulations on your 100th follower. I love you Blaga!”

Karmic Diva

“Congratulations on having 100 followers on your blog. That’s a great milestone to achieve. It is amazing how much talent is being shared through blogging. Poets, scribes, babblers, doodlers and artists are all contributing so much creativity, and sharing so much of themselves and ask nothing in return.

I love to set my thoughts free by writing about whatever experience (real or imagine) comes to mind. I’m also a mixed media and digital artist. I try to blend my art and writing to make sense of a world that sometimes makes no sense at all. I consider my life “controlled chaos” that is sometimes chaos out of control. Writing puts life in perspective for me.

Thank you Broken Sparkles for honoring me with the opportunity to meet you and to share this accomplishment with you. Keep writing and sharing. The inspiration you give will come back to you ten-fold. Your friend and follower – Karmic Diva”

A Poem of Passion
by Karmic Diva
Whether he’s just passing by
Or stopping for a lasting kiss
She waits to learn of his intent
While longing for that evening’s bliss
Those restless thoughts of new romance
A mind on fire with lust, desire
A hunger for that reckless chance
To celebrate the lover’s dance
And if she should wish, and wish she might
For the passion of their shared delight
That they should spend a single night
In love all distance shall dissolve.
Their destiny is sealed, and spared
The tempest of what might have been
She bids him farewell and good night
And in the stillness of his sleep
His dream reveals a deep regret
And if regret should bring him back
The rose is not as it once was
The taste of venom on its lips
It waits to poison with its kiss
While sharpening its hardened thorns
A haunting odor permeates
The once sweet fragrance of unknown fate.
I thank you, both, very much for sharing this moment with me and for blessing me with the beauty of a friendship! And I thank each of you that support me with your positive presence and follow my posts!

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