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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 5

A Few Things Before Today’s Post:

1. If you are not to participating in the 30 Day Challenge it does not mean you cannot still leave comments for the bloggers who are taking part. The comment section is still always open to anybody. Feel free to speak your mind!

2. For the bloggers just joining in, it is not only important to complete your daily posts but also to visit and comment on the posts of the other participants as well as replying to the comments left on your posts.

This is embarrassing but on average I cause the toilet to overflow about this many times a year because of deposits I made…

Is this the day I should switch out with the alternate question? Well, I’ve talked about chewing gum that was already chewed by someone else and peeing in the shower. Why should I be embarrassed to answer this question? It’s just another something that happens in life. Maybe it was not my fault. Maybe the pressure in that particular toilet wasn’t strong. Maybe the… Okay I will stop stalling.

I know it is not once a month. It is probably not every two months so I will guesstimate about four times a year (if that) when I will have a fight with the plunger. Be prepared for too much information. I usually go to the bathroom everyday. That is when I eat right. At least breakfast, lunch and dinner but when I don’t eat like I should (which does not happen often) I can go a week or more without defecating. If you are only eating one meal a day why would you have to go? So for reasons I don’t want to go into because you might be eating something right now, things got clogged. ‘Nuff said.

Can someone tell me why are plungers round anyway. Shouldn’t they be the shape of the bottom of the toilet? If you were expecting more of a story too bad. I don’t think you would really want the details? Photos? A drop by drop account?

The most up to date list available of participants: Nicole, Last Civilized Woman, Bannatreasures, Sajeev, Happyhippierose, *Everything Love & Lust, Aurathena, Melanie, Marliz3e, TheFerkel, Prysmatique, AnonymousBurn, Caroline, Koi, Sylvia Garza, Mariana, Nenskei, MyNakedBokkie, Bluefiadiarries, VeehCirra, Princesa Musang, DLonelyStar, *TemptingSweets99, LJ, Terriblethinker, Sleep and Salami, Primadonna Zel, *Sofia, and Cherlyn Cochrane. Sites with an * contain NSFW material. If erotic or sexual material is offensive to you, please do not visit these three blogs.

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