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Thank You Cherlyn Cochrane

Before thanking Cherlyn for her guest post I want to wish everyone who celebrates Easter, a wonderful day remembering the day Christ rose from the tomb conquering eternal death.

I find it somewhat sobering that this post should publish during the month of honesty. I don’t know where you found the strength deep down to pull together these words and share them with the masses but I thank you once again for guesting for me in any capacity. You are a lovely woman and I know first hand how blessed I am to know you.

I think I have told you this before but if not; if there was one gift I could give you it would be the ability to see yourself the way others see you.

You are just a wonderful person and I am proud to call you friend. Please realize you cannot let others dictate to you how you feel about yourself. I know you  are not religious but this is what God says about you: From Psalm 139:14 it states that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

You are unique. There is none like you and you should celebrate in your oneness. There will never be another Cherlyn. You are special. You are special to me. I love you my friend and I want you to love yourself.

Thank you once again for blogging in my stead. From your poems, your help with memes, challenges and your friendship, Morning Erection would not be the same without you. Could there possibly be a third time for guest posting in our future? Thank you again. In May my guest will be another blogger and friend, Prinsesa Musang. Please come back for her guest post on May 5th.

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