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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 13

Yesterday was April 15th, the halfway mark for most people participating in the 30 Day Challenge. I congratulate all for making it this far regardless of what day you are on. I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge. I know some people are proud of themselves for posting everyday or at least keeping to their schedule. Let’s keep it going!

I once got so drunk and lost control and this is what I was told I did and have no reason to doubt it…

Unfortunately for me there are several occasions I could share which means my misfortune is your reading benefit. I choose to share with you one that I can honestly say is not my fault. Bear with me and you will understand it is the truth.

I was asked to play music at a dance while I was at college. I got the music together, set up the amp and speakers. All I needed was to eat, shower and get dressed. The guys who were there to help me went to get some KFC. I got dressed and borrowed my friends $200.00 Stacey Adams shoes. Someone had a bottle of peach schnapps and everyone had a little added to their drink. I think I had a Sprite. No biggie. I had two breasts. It’s just makes anatomical culinary sense!

Sometime during the dance I started dancing and not deejaying. The next thing I remember I was back at the dorm giving the contents of my stomach to the toilet. My friend’s shoes were ruined because I did not always make the toilet. A female friend who was interested in me helped me during this time period and I thank her for that. I do believe she saved my life. She said I almost choked on my own vomit because I was so out of it.

Here is the thing though. I only had one medium sized drink with just a shot of schnapps added to it. So I believe it was food poisoning from KFC that did me in. A few other guys who were visiting that weekend (not friends of mine), got sick too and went home. What I don’t understand is how the food poisoning could have caused such a total memory loss. I honestly only had one drink.

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